Easter Weekend in London, what to do?!

Easter weekend and stuck in London due to work. It is not the best thing ever so I tried to make the most of it and discover new places in London. I finally got my head around visiting a few places I had been meaning for a while now. Here are a few ideas, some more typical than others of what to do in London during Easter weekend (or any other weekend!)

  • Big ben, London eye, Westminster Abbey, etc.

If you are new to London, visiting the Big Ben, London Eye and Westminster Abbey is a MUST. Even living here, I am still amazed every time I pass through. Walking next to the Thames, stopping by at a rooftop or around the South Bank with those views…priceless!

Getting inside it’s a bit pricy, but you can always buy a London Pass ticket to a few different places, including the above. I’m sure that’s the most economical way to do it all.

  • Greenwich park

Visiting Greenwich village is like being outside London. This cute small neighbourhood in the south east of London is quite magical. Wandering around the streets until you reach the park and walking up the hill to the observatory where you can get a full panoramic view of London. A nice romantic spot if you get a sunny day and not many people around. You can also visit the Cutty Shark boat for around £13.

If you ask me, visiting Greenwich is a win-win, a great way to spend the day!

  • Camden town

Whether you are new to London or not, you can always find great vintage stores, cafes and new spots to discover in Camden Town.

  • Kyoto garden

Right next to Kensington Gardens, but amazingly unknown, you can find Kyoto Garden. No doubt from it being my absolute favourite garden in London. Its Japanese feeling could keep you hypnotised for hours.

You can find this beauty right off Holland Park Tube Station, next to Kensington.

  • Epping forest

Right in between London and Essex, Epping forest is the most beautiful & less known forest in London. If you are in the city for a few days and you want out of the chaos and fast faced environment, this is it. Take the Central Line all the way up to Epping!

  • Richmond

Another beautiful escape from the city, this time South West. Largest London Royal Park and an important wildlife conservation.

  • Word on the Water

If you like books, reading and boats, this is it for you! Word on the Water is a book store/library/boat located in the Thames Canal, right behind St Pancras Station. It is the perfect place to sit down with your favourite book.

  • Columbia market

Is it Sunday? Do you like flowers? Are you around Hackney? If Yes are the answers, visit Columbia market, the biggest flower market in London, and if you go right before closing (around 3-4pm) you can get very good deals.

  • Skygarden

Everyone wants to go up to The Shard and see the beautiful views and they spend £25 on it. What most people doesn’t know is that the Sky Garden, near by The Shard with very similar views, is free if booked in advance. Don’t miss out, if you are planning a visit to London, book it online!

  • Rooftop cinema

Finally, if you come in summer and you are lucky enough to have good weather, you could always go to any of the rooftop cinemas around the city, a different way to watch a movie!